Am being quite lazy at the moment, my excuse being revision hell. Last exam tomorrow!!
My week since my previous post has entailed exams and work (both Whistles and Topshop), a houseparty last Saturday and casual park lounging with old friends.
Today I popped into Blackheath for a bite to eat at Cafe Rouge. As we were walking home we passed Cancer Research with a familiar jacket in the window-and what do you know, it's a piece from the Tux Delux Topshop limited edition range, if I remember rightly retailing around £70ish each. We went in and looked at it and it was in my size and £8!

In another spell of procrastination I found this summery dress on ebay-should I buy?

I returned the black ASOS dress and made up for my loss with these. Since the Steve Maddens were sold out everywhere in UK in my size (karma for deliberating about which colour to buy) I got these. They look cheaper then the Madden's (and YSL!) but they were half the price so!

Kayleigh xo

Broadcast Yourself

Slightly sporadic post today. Summary of my week in short: Monday I went to Graduate fashion Week. Got a little starstruck from viewing Susie Bubble through her perspex 'bubble'. Tuesday called for revision and no play. Yesterday was J's 20th birthday and the first two of my four English Literature exams (this time next week I will be done for the summer!). Last night we had casual birthday celebrations entailing cake, wine and monopoly. Saturday we are having a house party.
Here is the cake I made for J, slightly girly for a 20-year old boy but yummy nonetheless.

Yesterday two dresses I ordered from ASOS arrived:

Am considering sending the black one back. Ironically it's the one in my size as I had to buy the second too large-if anyone knows a good tailor in South East London or London in general let me know!
Really want this dress now, although being about £100 more then the black one can I justify it?

Or perhaps a Markus Lupher tee?

As I seem to have no spare time on my hands at the moment, with revision and work I only seem capable of searching the easily shopped sites such as ASOS and Topshop. I haven't done an eBay trawl in weeks. Hopefully next week all of this will change!

Me in cartoon

Source: ASOS

In the summer time

Yesterday I wore my new Topshop Livid shoes over black skinny jeans with just a simple v neck tshirt. I loved it! Wish I had taken a pic to show as the shoes look their best hugging the bottom of jeans. really shows off the detail and embellishment.

Have been thinking alot about summer recently and although I am yet to book anything I am thinking of options.
Here is my swimwear shortlist thus far. Am limiting myself to one-but which?? Help!

Top three, American Apparel, O'neill @ Asos, Michael Kors.

Am thinking I will buy one one-piece and reuse my old bikinis. Although I do love this:

Mathew Williamson @ Net-a-Porter

This is me in my one-piece from last year: (Looking a little plump.)

Kayleigh xo

Tiki Tikiiii

So, yesterday Florence came to visit, it was another sunny day, lush! We went to see Tracey Emin's new exhibition at White Cube- really liked some aspects of it, such as the light sentences, others made me feel that perhaps anyone could be an artist! Maybe that is just my non-artistic side showing through though.
In the evening we went to Mahiki with a few friends. It turned out to be a great night! Met some funny characters. (Special hi to Author? Oliver Haiste).
Today called for College and rests with J, watching a film and falling asleep. Comfort food of Spaghetti Carbonara for dinner.

My outfit for the evening.

Kayleigh xo


Yesterday was so lovely. It really is the only word I can use to describe my Sunday. Lovely lovely- or meat filled.
About ten of us went to a BBQ at a friend, Binty's, house, who is a meat extraordinar. The sun was scorching and alot of pimms was consumed! At around 7pm when the sun started dwindling in the back garden we simply took the picnic bench and chairs into the front garden! What a revolutionary idea! I felt like the epitomy of student life. Once dark we toasted marshmallows on the previously meat filled BBQ. All in all a lovely lovely day.

Celia(right) and I burning.

Today Celia and I popped into Bromley for a spot of impromptu shopping (on my part). I purchased the shoes I previously deliberated about (few posts below) and a sequin trophy jacket. Really did not need it, especially as it happened to be the most expensive one from the range at £125, ooooops.
After spending too much money once again we relaxed in Cafe Rouge for lunch. Then homeward bound for revision.

Topshop trophy jacket, Topshop Livid shoe, the shoes on.

Am very much looking forward to tomorrow as my good friend Flo is coming to visit from Norwich as she has returned from travelling. We plan to stroll around the East End, possibly do a bit of vintage shopping during the day and stay hydrated by having regular pimms breaks! It's for our health. Then off to Mahiki in the evening.

Some pictures I got developed from last week using my SLR. However, the film broke in the camera so only a few came out. Even these are quite bad but I like the colours.

Am in process of adding my Daily Reads links.

Kayleigh xo


This weekend has so far entailed working a full day yesterday at Whistles and going to the pub with J for date night. Today I have a chance to enjoy the sun and I am going to make the most of it! Am going to a BBQ with friends (friends that all love meat!)

As it was payday on Friday I allowed myself to do some impromptu shopping in my lunch break-which is never a good idea in Covent Garden!
H&m had had a delivery of the Divided Spring/Summer Limited Edition collection which I rally couldnt pass up! I feel the prices were slightly elevated to coincide with the 'exclusive' label when in fact the quality is the same as the rest of the Divided range.
After panicing about lateness in the line for the fitting room I decided upon just the shorts and a plain Wang inspired slouchy tshirt- I think I am going to do a 4th and Bleeker and add some shoulder pads that I already have at home.
I Couldnt justify buying the white shoulder padded Star Trek resembing dress as I had already brought a short and vest from Whistles that morning.
BUT, I could justify popping into Topshop on The Strand to pick up a cute, little necklace I saw on the website yesterday morning. At only £5 it was very reasonable considering how much Freedom have put their prices up as of late, just for metal painted gold that tarnishes on the second wear.


Silk shorts and fuschia vest, whistles. Ariella boots, Louboutin.

Here is a drawing a girl at work, Mina, drew of the team. She is very talented! (Can you spot me?)

Again, sorry for the poor image quality and wonkiness! Am thinking of doing an 'about me' post?? To explain my interests etc etc. If nobody reads it can simply be a nostalgic stream of consciousness that I can look back on when Im older and wanting my youth back.

Sources: Google, Nitrolicious, Topshop.


I have always been one to spend spend spend, be it for myself or a gift for a loved one. Even if I didn't have the money I would find a way. I buy treats for others even if they may not need it-out of love, but also I fear, out of my need to rid myself of every penny.
As a result, even though I feel guilt currently, I am still about to purchase the Steve Madden Yves Saint Laurent inspired (rip-off) sandal- simply because there is 25% in Grazia.
My only thought right now is which colour? I may be bad when it comes to spending but even I am not at the stage that I would buy both simply to avoid choosing between the two. Not yet anyway!

Ahley Olsen in the YSL brown version:

I think I am most drawn towards the nude tone colour.

Source: Google, Shoewawa, Oli.