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Barca cont...
Day three and we were graced with ray upon ray of sunlight. After the hearty breakfast we had now become accustomed to we set off for shops galore!- And they did not disappoint! First stop was a basement Zara Home. I now know where I will register if I ever get married and do the American gift norm. Purchased a simple white candle for mum and lusted after gold cutlery. Thought twice about purchasing the cutlery as student living will never quite live up to it's gold utensils. Next up was the shop Trust Nobody located just off the busy Las Ramblas we were met with a serene calm bathed in shadowy sun. Unfortunately the shop did deliver, but not in sizing, so I left empty handed with no holiday gift for J. Next up was the vintage search. Having done a little research prior to the trip I had found a couple of places worth a look. Again, I left empty handed, choosing against buying faded slogan tshirts and army surplus just for the thrill of the purchase.
Found the compulsory Topshop(why do they get the new Kate Moss collection in a tiny store when our megastores don't?) and numerous more H&m's, Zara etc.
A break was in order, after making our way up eight floors of Barcelona's most famous department store we picked up a cake and coffee and sat ourselves down infront of the cafe's panoramic view of Barcelona.

We were then met with a crowd surrounding some talented individuals showcasing their break dancing skills. Have to fault them on their choice of music however: Prodigy? No.

The final evening was accompanied by yet more tasty delights and strolls up and down Passeig De Gracia, looking into the window of the YSL store and admiring the light reflecting upon the cage heels.

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