This weekend has so far entailed working a full day yesterday at Whistles and going to the pub with J for date night. Today I have a chance to enjoy the sun and I am going to make the most of it! Am going to a BBQ with friends (friends that all love meat!)

As it was payday on Friday I allowed myself to do some impromptu shopping in my lunch break-which is never a good idea in Covent Garden!
H&m had had a delivery of the Divided Spring/Summer Limited Edition collection which I rally couldnt pass up! I feel the prices were slightly elevated to coincide with the 'exclusive' label when in fact the quality is the same as the rest of the Divided range.
After panicing about lateness in the line for the fitting room I decided upon just the shorts and a plain Wang inspired slouchy tshirt- I think I am going to do a 4th and Bleeker and add some shoulder pads that I already have at home.
I Couldnt justify buying the white shoulder padded Star Trek resembing dress as I had already brought a short and vest from Whistles that morning.
BUT, I could justify popping into Topshop on The Strand to pick up a cute, little necklace I saw on the website yesterday morning. At only £5 it was very reasonable considering how much Freedom have put their prices up as of late, just for metal painted gold that tarnishes on the second wear.


Silk shorts and fuschia vest, whistles. Ariella boots, Louboutin.

Here is a drawing a girl at work, Mina, drew of the team. She is very talented! (Can you spot me?)

Again, sorry for the poor image quality and wonkiness! Am thinking of doing an 'about me' post?? To explain my interests etc etc. If nobody reads it can simply be a nostalgic stream of consciousness that I can look back on when Im older and wanting my youth back.

Sources: Google, Nitrolicious, Topshop.


I have always been one to spend spend spend, be it for myself or a gift for a loved one. Even if I didn't have the money I would find a way. I buy treats for others even if they may not need it-out of love, but also I fear, out of my need to rid myself of every penny.
As a result, even though I feel guilt currently, I am still about to purchase the Steve Madden Yves Saint Laurent inspired (rip-off) sandal- simply because there is 25% in Grazia.
My only thought right now is which colour? I may be bad when it comes to spending but even I am not at the stage that I would buy both simply to avoid choosing between the two. Not yet anyway!

Ahley Olsen in the YSL brown version:

I think I am most drawn towards the nude tone colour.

Source: Google, Shoewawa, Oli.


I am in the market for buying another pair of unneeded shoes. The question is however, which ones shall I purchase??
Above left: Topshop Unique sold out everywhere. Currently selling on eBay for upto £300- my Topshop have one returned pair left, just happening to be in my size! Fate?
Right: New season Livid style. Topshop's version of a mixture of the Balmain (in vid below) and Rodarte from S/S '08.

Yesterday's Outfit:

Luella A/W '07 dress worn with Bershka Marni inspired heels and gold jewellery inc. Eiffel Tower necklace.

I just adore the detailing on this dress. The attention to detail is apparent- it is like sitting down on a cushion as the swirls cover the entire dress. I feel it is my 'lucky dress' as I wore it to both my 1st choice Uni interview and during my driving test. Both of which proved successful.

NB. Why do I choose to use my poor quality iPhone camera when I have a good digital SLR?


I know many are over the whole Balmain extravaganza by now but I still cannot get enough! I could watch this show over and over I have been doing for the last fifteen minutes.

Also, I cannot stop reading I am Mademoiselle's- from the Elle UK column-tweets. I hope she really is as witty in real life and it isn't simply a facade.

Video: YouTube.

Amazing part 2

Yes, yes, I do have similar in blue and black but these are wardrobe staples?

'80's lux

This dress reminds me of a napkin. Multi functional i suppose..
If only I went to more dinner parties. Suppose it isn't really suitable for Cafe Rouge.


On anything else this print would seem almost tacky, reminiscent of h&m divided purchases when i was 12 but with this exquisite cut it is simply a classic, beautiful garment- and one I must find a way of owning. A high street replica would never do it justice.

Alber Elbaz, the man behind the genius. He looks so kind, like a fun, caring uncle.

Source: Google

toujours dans l'amour

I think I am going to get the tooth necklace J made me dipped in gold so I can wear it every day for the rest of my life.
Much like Carrie wore her engagement ring to Aiden on a simple, classic chain.

Summer Dayzzzzz

This weekend entailed a mischievous shift at Whistles followed by Matter on Sat eve. Raykwon, Jehst and other hip hop legends played whilst good DJ's played some of our favourite old school songs such as Souls of Mischief hits between sets. Deffinately enjoyed this night out more then Fabric on Tuesday-partly because we had free +1 tickets. Saw the sunrise for the second time this week, this time rising over Canary Wharf.

Today was spent lounging in the sun with J in Islington. After searching high and low for a suitable battery for my 70's SLR camera and birthday card hunting we settled down with a picnic of cheesecake, sandwiches, kettle chips and salsa and let the sun wash over us.

I really love these unexpected summer days where everyone comes together on a previously frosty patch of grass between the parallel bustling streets and forgets any inhibitions they previously encompassed. I could deffinately spend all summer laying in the sun, grazing on nibbles and listening to others conversations whilst guessing their appearance from their voice.


I fear my previously masked Olsen obsession may become very apparent soon.
Out of the thousands of images of the twins, I think this may be favourite!
Although Mary-Kate is my favoured, Ashley just looks impeccable. Perfect outfit.
I must own those Balenciaga's-be it these or the shorter version-I can't hold out any longer.

Source: Olsen Anonymous

Prada Turban..

Although first showing during S/S '07 I am still not over this look!
I feel it can only be done with extremely long hair, in a clashing colour.

Source: Google.


Blimey! Pictures from Ashley's shoot for V Man magazine.
Is that a What Katie Did bra?

Source: The Sun.


Today I purchased my first pair of jeans in what must be..4 years?
At only £8 in Primark and identical to Topshop's version I thought I may as well, even if they do stay at the back of my wardrobe until I have grown out of them.
Easing my way into demin again slowly. (With the exception of cropped, acid wash jackets of course!)

Whilst shopping, Georgia purchased a denim skirt (continuing in the denim theme) similar to my Warehouse on but at a quarter of the price!


..I cannot wait for your arrival!

Fall '09

H&M Fall '09 preview:

Can you please drop already! As I fear I may be over studs and hard black by September.


My day entailed high school nostalgia after agreeing to 'model' for Georgia as part of her College project on re-branding.
I got to skip lessons and change numerous times in the girls' toilets whilst staff and students looked on in amazement.
It was nice to make use of some of my wardrobe items that I neglect and bring them to life once again.
Here are a select few of the final shots.

Everything feels extremely rushed at the moment, I have exams in a month lasting a week and then I am free but I can't shake the feeling of anxiety.