Wow, been quite a while hasn't it. I seem to of neglected blog-land, both reading others and posting on my own life. This blog was originally started to document my life simply as a nostalgic tool for myself in the future but when I started to gain readers I began to enjoy the feeling of sharing my life with others too. Now it feels as if my life isn't very exciting for others-hence the lack of posts (though ironically has become more exciting for myself!)
Anyway, I am busy enjoying my summer. The last month or so has entailed countless meals out with friends and loves, Norwich visits, a house party, catching up with old friends, meeting new friends, a weekend in Devon, theme parks, working, many nights out, finishing my last shift at Topshop for the summer, finding a house in Epsom, lots of driving, becoming increasingly messy in my own surroundings yet tidier in others and alot of shopping.
The rest of my summer will prove to bring much of the same with a weekend away at Big Chill festival in a few weeks and a house sitting promise in Norwich. I will also be living alone as of this weekend so it seems I will continue in the Carrie Bradshaw dream.

I suppose what should follow are a few of my recent purchases..?
World print leather holdall:

Whistles polka dot print silk dress:

Oonagh O'Hagen 'it' bag:

Whistles silk shorts:

Black Office heels:

H&M beach sunset print t-shirt dress:

Studded sandals:

A few pictures of recent shenanigans/outfits:

(Night out, Devon, Thorpe Park, Southbank, Norwich)
Kayleigh xo


Anonymous said...

Great purchases...I have been waiting for you start re-blogging!
At latitude all I had to do was invigilate the artwork in the works for a few hours a day, fairly easy. x

KATIA said...

Love your outfits, that striped sequin looking sweater type thing.. well it kind of made me speachless! From what I can see it's amazing!
Ouh and I love all your purchases and polaroid photos!

miky said...

i so love the flower dresssss

love and youth said...

great buys, your style looks very interesting, and the blog too! x

Alyssa said...

Me too! I added 'sit front row at fashion show' to my life list a while ago!

StyleBrownie said...

love your style!!! relentless!!

Anonymous said...

digging your world map tote! and loove that jacket you're wearing in the next to last photo!

two sugars please said...

hi i've just come across your blog and i love it!
without sounding really weird, i read your last post and i live in blackheath!! i got the impression that you work in whistles, if you do is that the one in blackheath? check out my blog:

John Bannister said...

Hi two sugars please, it wont let me leave a comment on your blog so perhaps you will read this.
Yes I work in Whistles, but in the Covent Garden store. I live on Marischal Road which leads up to Lee Terrace. Do you live in Blackheath?