Am being quite lazy at the moment, my excuse being revision hell. Last exam tomorrow!!
My week since my previous post has entailed exams and work (both Whistles and Topshop), a houseparty last Saturday and casual park lounging with old friends.
Today I popped into Blackheath for a bite to eat at Cafe Rouge. As we were walking home we passed Cancer Research with a familiar jacket in the window-and what do you know, it's a piece from the Tux Delux Topshop limited edition range, if I remember rightly retailing around £70ish each. We went in and looked at it and it was in my size and £8!

In another spell of procrastination I found this summery dress on ebay-should I buy?

I returned the black ASOS dress and made up for my loss with these. Since the Steve Maddens were sold out everywhere in UK in my size (karma for deliberating about which colour to buy) I got these. They look cheaper then the Madden's (and YSL!) but they were half the price so!

Kayleigh xo


Alyssa said...

Happy shopping!

MM said...

ASOS is <3

Krystal said...

very pretty!

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

That's the perfect summer dress!