I am in the market for buying another pair of unneeded shoes. The question is however, which ones shall I purchase??
Above left: Topshop Unique sold out everywhere. Currently selling on eBay for upto £300- my Topshop have one returned pair left, just happening to be in my size! Fate?
Right: New season Livid style. Topshop's version of a mixture of the Balmain (in vid below) and Rodarte from S/S '08.

Yesterday's Outfit:

Luella A/W '07 dress worn with Bershka Marni inspired heels and gold jewellery inc. Eiffel Tower necklace.

I just adore the detailing on this dress. The attention to detail is apparent- it is like sitting down on a cushion as the swirls cover the entire dress. I feel it is my 'lucky dress' as I wore it to both my 1st choice Uni interview and during my driving test. Both of which proved successful.

NB. Why do I choose to use my poor quality iPhone camera when I have a good digital SLR?


Elysium said...

They randomly have the black booted version of those Topshop Unique shoes in Norwich! I was amazed, randomly spotted them today!


Michelle Amos said...

Ohh i soo want a pair as well!! I want the pink ones but again i can only find them on ebay for hundreads poop!!! :(

honeyortar said...

I love the boot ones- they are all returns as they completely sold out- probs by those horrible people who bulk buy to sell on bay x

Mardjan said...

i havnt seen such a cool dress on a blog for a long time!