Summer Dayzzzzz

This weekend entailed a mischievous shift at Whistles followed by Matter on Sat eve. Raykwon, Jehst and other hip hop legends played whilst good DJ's played some of our favourite old school songs such as Souls of Mischief hits between sets. Deffinately enjoyed this night out more then Fabric on Tuesday-partly because we had free +1 tickets. Saw the sunrise for the second time this week, this time rising over Canary Wharf.

Today was spent lounging in the sun with J in Islington. After searching high and low for a suitable battery for my 70's SLR camera and birthday card hunting we settled down with a picnic of cheesecake, sandwiches, kettle chips and salsa and let the sun wash over us.

I really love these unexpected summer days where everyone comes together on a previously frosty patch of grass between the parallel bustling streets and forgets any inhibitions they previously encompassed. I could deffinately spend all summer laying in the sun, grazing on nibbles and listening to others conversations whilst guessing their appearance from their voice.

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