This weekend has so far entailed working a full day yesterday at Whistles and going to the pub with J for date night. Today I have a chance to enjoy the sun and I am going to make the most of it! Am going to a BBQ with friends (friends that all love meat!)

As it was payday on Friday I allowed myself to do some impromptu shopping in my lunch break-which is never a good idea in Covent Garden!
H&m had had a delivery of the Divided Spring/Summer Limited Edition collection which I rally couldnt pass up! I feel the prices were slightly elevated to coincide with the 'exclusive' label when in fact the quality is the same as the rest of the Divided range.
After panicing about lateness in the line for the fitting room I decided upon just the shorts and a plain Wang inspired slouchy tshirt- I think I am going to do a 4th and Bleeker and add some shoulder pads that I already have at home.
I Couldnt justify buying the white shoulder padded Star Trek resembing dress as I had already brought a short and vest from Whistles that morning.
BUT, I could justify popping into Topshop on The Strand to pick up a cute, little necklace I saw on the website yesterday morning. At only £5 it was very reasonable considering how much Freedom have put their prices up as of late, just for metal painted gold that tarnishes on the second wear.


Silk shorts and fuschia vest, whistles. Ariella boots, Louboutin.

Here is a drawing a girl at work, Mina, drew of the team. She is very talented! (Can you spot me?)

Again, sorry for the poor image quality and wonkiness! Am thinking of doing an 'about me' post?? To explain my interests etc etc. If nobody reads it can simply be a nostalgic stream of consciousness that I can look back on when Im older and wanting my youth back.

Sources: Google, Nitrolicious, Topshop.


Damsels said...

those boots are FAB

We Were Damsels

Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog! great outfit post you have here...especially lving those boots!


Elysium said...

Your boooooooots! I am jealous!


Anonymous said...

those boots...are my life

Anonymous said...

Still very jealous of those boots! x

Mardjan said...

the necklace is cute, reminds me of the carrie necklace...
and the boots are indeed...WOW!

La Chauve-Souris said...

oh waoww awsome stuff!!!! love those boots

Nerdic.. said...

Those boots are stunning!