Life and style?

The dress arrived on Thursday! I teamed it with a Zara grey blazer, tights and Marni inspired block heels.
I Imagined it to feel similar to the floral dress from Kate Moss' first Topshop collection but surprisingly it was poles apart. It really is as nice in the flesh-and as short!

Rather dissapointed to stroll into work wearing it that same evening to be faced with about twenty of the same. Seems Bromley did in fact get the collection, however it isn't selling at all. After the failure of Moss' collection in recent months in the store one would assume that once they had chosen to stock Hulanicki's collection they would advertise and promote it more to enhance sales.

In other news, it looks like I will in fact be going to University of the Creative Arts in Epsom to do fashion Journalism, and not pursuing style advising full time. I'm thoroughly excited about the opportunity but am very dubious about moving outside London again. A year simply hasn't been enough time to do all the things I wished to do. Am contemplating living in Wembley or Clapham, but this would come with it's on complications too. Time will tell...

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