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Slightly sporadic post today. Summary of my week in short: Monday I went to Graduate fashion Week. Got a little starstruck from viewing Susie Bubble through her perspex 'bubble'. Tuesday called for revision and no play. Yesterday was J's 20th birthday and the first two of my four English Literature exams (this time next week I will be done for the summer!). Last night we had casual birthday celebrations entailing cake, wine and monopoly. Saturday we are having a house party.
Here is the cake I made for J, slightly girly for a 20-year old boy but yummy nonetheless.

Yesterday two dresses I ordered from ASOS arrived:

Am considering sending the black one back. Ironically it's the one in my size as I had to buy the second too large-if anyone knows a good tailor in South East London or London in general let me know!
Really want this dress now, although being about £100 more then the black one can I justify it?

Or perhaps a Markus Lupher tee?

As I seem to have no spare time on my hands at the moment, with revision and work I only seem capable of searching the easily shopped sites such as ASOS and Topshop. I haven't done an eBay trawl in weeks. Hopefully next week all of this will change!

Me in cartoon

Source: ASOS


MM said...

that cake looks delicious.

and i just love asos.

Lauren said...

The cake looks insanely beautiful! And that ASOS striped dres is so so pretty. I hope you find a tailor.

x x x

Damsels said...

i love those two dreeses but the black one a little more

and omg that cake!!
We Were Damsels

Miss Mae said...

I pretty much REALLLY want the Markus Lupher tees. Thanks for your comment!


Angelakatee said...

omg i love that ' love ' jumper its so cute ! mwa xxx

The Haute-Shopper said...

Love the dresses... why do you want to return the black one? But yeah, if your heart is now set on the grey one, go for it! (unless it's something you'll only wear once or twice). I pretty much always wear my ASOS pieces because they are cute and funky in their own way :)

Lea said...

the first one is gorgeous- don't send it back!
and yes, you would be completely justified in buying those t-shirts. they're amazing.

and it's not particularly ironic.

KATIA said...

Oh my, that cake.. YUM!
I love that "never forget" tshirt dress!