Yesterday was so lovely. It really is the only word I can use to describe my Sunday. Lovely lovely- or meat filled.
About ten of us went to a BBQ at a friend, Binty's, house, who is a meat extraordinar. The sun was scorching and alot of pimms was consumed! At around 7pm when the sun started dwindling in the back garden we simply took the picnic bench and chairs into the front garden! What a revolutionary idea! I felt like the epitomy of student life. Once dark we toasted marshmallows on the previously meat filled BBQ. All in all a lovely lovely day.

Celia(right) and I burning.

Today Celia and I popped into Bromley for a spot of impromptu shopping (on my part). I purchased the shoes I previously deliberated about (few posts below) and a sequin trophy jacket. Really did not need it, especially as it happened to be the most expensive one from the range at £125, ooooops.
After spending too much money once again we relaxed in Cafe Rouge for lunch. Then homeward bound for revision.

Topshop trophy jacket, Topshop Livid shoe, the shoes on.

Am very much looking forward to tomorrow as my good friend Flo is coming to visit from Norwich as she has returned from travelling. We plan to stroll around the East End, possibly do a bit of vintage shopping during the day and stay hydrated by having regular pimms breaks! It's for our health. Then off to Mahiki in the evening.

Some pictures I got developed from last week using my SLR. However, the film broke in the camera so only a few came out. Even these are quite bad but I like the colours.

Am in process of adding my Daily Reads links.

Kayleigh xo


♥ fashion chalet said...

I love the vint. jacket. And I'm always up for a weekend BBQ! :)

x, thanks!

CAMILLE said...

OMG that jacket is stunning..i want it :)

camille x

Krystal said...

oh ya, topshop is the king

Alyssa said...

The jacket is nice. Makes me wanna go shopping at this little place I found with similar pieces.
Like your blog<3

The Haute-Shopper said...

Great jacket - I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of it. And the Bromley shoes are divine... I've noticed that their current range of shoes is quite drool-worthy. I never paid much attention to their footwear before until this season.

elisabeth said...

i used to work in the Bromley topshop :D
the jacket is beautifu, its the sort of thing thats going to look better and better the older it gets, it'll be an fantastic piece of vintage in a few years :)

Nancy said...

LOVE THE SHOES! They're beautifulllll

june said...

the jacket...i looooove it!!

thank you soo much for your comment!!!

kiss + xoxo

Damsels said...

great jacket and heels . perfect platforms We Were Damsels

Yuka said...

its really pretty though. and i LOVE the shoes!

miky said...

i whant those shoesssss

Nerdic.. said...

Amazing shoes!