In the summer time

Yesterday I wore my new Topshop Livid shoes over black skinny jeans with just a simple v neck tshirt. I loved it! Wish I had taken a pic to show as the shoes look their best hugging the bottom of jeans. really shows off the detail and embellishment.

Have been thinking alot about summer recently and although I am yet to book anything I am thinking of options.
Here is my swimwear shortlist thus far. Am limiting myself to one-but which?? Help!

Top three, American Apparel, O'neill @ Asos, Michael Kors.

Am thinking I will buy one one-piece and reuse my old bikinis. Although I do love this:

Mathew Williamson @ Net-a-Porter

This is me in my one-piece from last year: (Looking a little plump.)

Kayleigh xo


KATIA said...

I love the cut-out styled one peice. I've been thinking of getting the black AA one that you have as the zebra one, I love it!

Carolina Botelho said...

I love all them.. But the one wich blond girls is using is pretty beautiful!

Mardjan said...

hey i love your bikini from last year. i don't like number 4 so much, it exposes too much for me.
i'd take the first AA bathing suit

elisabeth said...

i LOVE the first two and your one from last year is such a gorgeous colour

and its such a pity i'll be moving to that store just as your leaving!are you moving onto better things?:)

the maisies said...

so... hard.. to choose...
my friend had a one piece a few years ago that had a little cut out around her belly button. she tans really easily and had the funniest little brown circle on her tummy from it!
ha ha, i love the muddy leg in your photo.

A. said...

wow the swimsuit with the hood looks fab FAB FAB FAB.

Yuka said...

the 4th and 5th ones are my FAVORITE. and the last photo of you is gorgeous.

elisabeth said...

i know!!!seriously does phillip green even need that other 15%!!its not like topshop has been losing any money so far, that jacket i got was nice at £30 but it could have been a whole lot nice at £18.75 :(

have you got any nice uniform so far?

♥ fashion chalet said...

ahhhh I need that Zebra one-piece so hot for Summer 'O9! :)

the song is Little Motel by Modest Mouse ;)

thanks, x!!